It would be presumptuous for me to tell you how to live your life, but here’s a rough sketch of your options anyway. Just in case you weren’t quite sure.

1.       Work all your life at a job.


2.       Study and research all your life. Discover cool stuff/lame stuff/nothing.


3.       Get married. Have children. Care for children. Perish.


4.       Play hard, get laid, die young.


5.       Be an entrepreneur. Start a business, fail/succeed, try again/perservere.


6.       Get super buff. Maybe teach others to be fit too.


7.       Invent something cool. Like Velcro. Or Google.


8.       Educate and mentor younger generations. Do it without ending up in jail. #creepyteachers


9.       Make indescribly amazing/sweet/godawful/pop music. Or be Lady Gaga.


10.   Paint something awe-inspiring/normal/dull.


11.   Open a bar, restaurant, deli or café.


12.   Open some other venue and run it. Like a gallery or a museum.


13.   Play sports professionally. After retiring,  sponsor terrible products.


14.   Travel, travel, travel. Travel, travel, travel.


15.   Sleep and watch tv all day. Collect money from the government.


16.   Make viral Youtube videos. These can be funny, cute or mexican waves of stupid.


17.   Procrastinate on everything.


18.   Run a country. Rule with an iron fist, or a limp hand.


19.   Go to war. Yes, war. Heavy.


20.   Be a religious figurehead. Transcend humanity in a good/bad way.


21.   Go somewhere in space. Maybe the moon, or the burger place at the end of the universe.


22.   Write a novel. Or many of them. Do some poetry and essays on the side too.


23.   Make films. Star in films. Critique films. Sell popcorn for films.


24.   Rescue orphans and war-savaged children from lesser regions.


25.   Be an entertainer, a comedian, an illusionist or a clown. Bring smiles to faces everywhere.


26.   Play Blizzard Entertainment video games.


27.   Live off your family inheritance. Try to stay out of rehab.


28.   Sail the oceans, fly a hot air balloon, climb Mount Everest, accomplish other feats.


29.   Create your own language.


30.   Pull an American Psycho.


31.   Have many cats. Oh, so many cats.


32.   Create designs & other art forms like food, fashion architecture, typography (Huh?).


33.   Surf the internet.


34.   Get addicted to something else instead.


35.   Be passionate, inspired, courageous, cheesy.


36.   Typ3 laik dis 4eva, yo digz?


37.   Any combination of the above.


38.   All of the above.


39.   None of the above.


40.   Write a blog.


May you choose wisely.